We strive to improve efficiency and maximize productivity through our suite of industry leading software products




MedOnGo was established in 2014, to serve the business needs of some of India’s top organizations. Our healthcare solutions, 24/7 support, integrated technology, and comprehensive software modules are unparalleled throughout the industry.

MedOnGo provides both a wide range of services and a wide range of network of professionals to ensure the best possible service for its clients. Our services are customized to meet the appropriate needs of our healthcare partners and will continue to remain at the cutting edge of the field of Telemedicine. We closely work with corporates, NGOs, Govt. institutions, healthcare departments to improvise and provide the necessary infrastructure for healthcare.


As evidenced in our mission we believe delivering a quality healthcare experience, is primary to fulfilling our mission of the care and improvement of human life. We can achieve this by providing care that recognizes the diverse cultures and backgrounds of our patients, doctors and providers where everyone is treated with fairness, dignity and respect.


MedOnGo Mission & Values


Our mission is to empower everyone in a community to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Our business practices and principles are focussed towards better care and transparency in healthcare delivery.

We are devoted to create a holistic healthcare system with the commitment of high quality, cost-effective healthcare services in communities we serve and to build the future of healthcare with deeper bonding between doctors and patients.




Our employees don't just solve problems, they create solutions that can revolutionize the entire industry. They are driven, committed and are well aware of how limitless MedOnGo's potential is to grow.

Nikhil Kariappa
Balaji Krishnammagaru
Founder & Exec. Director
Puneet Gurnani
Karthikeyan Ramachandran
Director of Engr. - R&D
Shiva Kitchloo
Chief Innovation Officer